Walter Stewart (copy)


My name is Walter Stewart, and I am running as a Democrat for the 48th Assembly District on the north and east side of Madison. I am a local attorney and I have lived in the district for over 30 years. All my life I have believed in the importance of public service. I have consistently put this belief into practice by giving back to the community and volunteering my time with several local charities and nonprofits to improve the lives of my neighbors.

For example, I have contributed my time to the Northside Planning Council promoting job training and economic development on Madison’s north and east sides, and the North/Eastside Senior Coalition providing programs and services for Madison’s older population. If elected as your representative, I promise to continue my dedication to public service by bringing your needs and voices to the Capitol.

Beyond my dedication to public service, I bring a valuable and important skill set to the Assembly. As an attorney, I am an experienced problem solver and I have spent my career interpreting the law and helping individuals, small businesses and nonprofit organizations to navigate the law and succeed in their endeavors. This experience with the law will be of critical importance in the Legislature as the next session will navigate important and complicated issues affecting our state and local communities for years to come. Prior to my law practice, I worked for the Wisconsin Assembly from 1978 until 1983, serving both in the Office of the Speaker and for a legislative committee. This wealth of knowledge and experience is why I say that I am “fit for the fight.”

I care deeply about issues that affect our older citizens, the disadvantaged or disenfranchised, our environment, the spectacular lakes and parks in our community, and good paying jobs to support a meaningful quality of life. We are living in precarious times. COVID-19 continues to spread through our communities. Movements of protesters around the nation struggle for racial equity. In such trying times, we must have leadership that is dedicated to fight for policies that protect our lives and our livelihoods. But beyond that, we need leadership that is dedicated to listening, and learning, and solving the complicated problems we face.

As an experienced problem solver, I can be the leadership and direction needed in this moment. As your representative, I will work to stop the spread of COVID-19 through our state, provide certainty and stability for Wisconsin families, and ensure our medical workers and first responders have the resources they need to conquer the COVID-19 pandemic. I will fight to expand Medicaid and ensure every Wisconsinite gets the quality health care they need at a price they can afford. I will work to protect our environment, especially our waterways, and work toward a more sustainable future. I will work to properly fund programs that reduce the opioid epidemic and ensure mental health resources are readily available. And as we are confronted by new issues that threaten our quality of life, I will take the time to learn the issues and guide our state forward with solutions that benefit all of us. As your representative, I promise to continue to fight for the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, and the vulnerable.

My wealth of experience and dedication to the community makes me the best candidate for the 48th Assembly District. I am asking for your vote on Aug. 11. I hope you will join me as I work to guide our path into the future.

Walter Stewart is an attorney and a candidate for Madison's 48th Assembly District.

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