The Capital Times is home to The Kids Fund, a reader-supported charity that traces its roots to the paper’s founder, William T. Evjue.

He created what was then called the Kiddie Camp in 1927. It was aimed at helping children fight tuberculosis, a dreaded disease at the time, providing a camp for kids who were afflicted. Once the disease was conquered, the Kiddie Camp turned to helping children with developmental disabilities, providing them with special education at a home the Kiddie Camp purchased in the 1950s.

Later, when federal and state governments mandated that public school systems provide for special education, the Kiddie Camp was renamed The Kids Fund and repurposed to raise money for nonprofits that address the challenges facing so many young people today.

The Kids Fund typically raises about $100,000 annually and distributes that money and more to dozens of area programs that work with young people. Readers of The Capital Times have supported the charity with donations that range from $1 to as much as $25,000.

Grant decisions are made by a volunteer board of up to 20 members, most of whom have experience working with young people. Grants are awarded to programs that help children from preschool through high school. A third of the grants are awarded exclusively to programs that work with developmentally disabled children.

For more, click here for The Kids Fund website.