Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy writes that Wisconsin trails most other states in renewable energy. Just ten southern states do worse than Wisconsin, he says, also noting that the Badger state has more expensive energy than most.

Another Urban Milwaukee commentary, this one by Tamarine Cornelius of the Wisconsin Budget Project, says that the state's $1 billion tax cut leaves out 49% of the state's taxpayers. Thousands in tax cuts go to the wealthy, she writes.

Codes of conduct shouldn't be used to punish dissent, comments the Racine Journal Times in response to the Racine City Council's adoption of such a code. For example, it includes the phrase "act with respect," which the paper fears could be interpreted in devious ways.

In another blog post on the Maciver Institute site questioning the danger of COVID-19, Milwaukee right-wing radio host Dan O'Donnell claims to debunk the "new narrative" that the disease is worse than the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. 

The Wisconsin Examiner's Ruth Conniff says that the recent video produced by former Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman puts a polished gloss on election nonsense. She notes that the six-minute video looks professionally done, in contrast to the bumbling that has so far marked Gableman's election probe. It's part of what the taxpayers are paying for, she notes.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey posts several cartoons illustrating how COVID-19 is viewed among editorial cartoonists. They capture the tone and flavor of what our nation is sadly dealing with today, he comments.

And on the lighter side, blogger Bill Stokes announces that he is resigning as a predator. He is no longer thrilled by killing lesser creatures and wants to be rearmed with a can opener, popcorn popper and a TV remote.