The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign posts executive director Matt Rothschild's testimony to the Senate committee studying the GOP revenue sharing proposal. Rothschild admonishes the committee for considering a ban on local advisory referendums.

Speaking of Wisconsin's shared revenue, the Recombobulation Area blog posts an analysis showing that 90% of Wisconsin's counties would do better under the Tony Evers' plan than the one being proposed by GOP legislators.

In a Milwaukee Courier column, Milwaukee County Exec David Crowley writes that if nothing is done on a shared revenue fix it would be devastating to his county. He calls the proposal to allow a local sales tax is historic and absolutely necessary.

But, arch conservative blogger and Washington County Daily Times columnist Owen Robinson says to bail out Milwaukee after its years of failed leadership is utter nonsense. For Republicans to propose this is doubly troubling, he insists.

Vincent Noth, executive director of Milwaukee's Kinship Community Food Center, writes in a Journal Sentinel Ideas Lab column that the loneliness epidemic in America can be cured by food for the soul.

In a column that appears on Urban Milwaukee, Steve Walters explores how AI will affect the next election. It could have a big impact, he contends, spreading misinformation in swing states.