Put edible foods in your mouth, not in landfills, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. The paper notes a new Department of Natural Resources study that shows the percentages of various wastes that wind up in landfills in the state. All too much is edible food that at the very least ought to be composted, it adds. 

The USA Today-Wisconsin newspapers editorialize that Republicans are wasting $676,000 in taxpayer money on their partisan review of the 2020 elections. The Gannett papers asks readers to tell their representatives to stop the nonsense.

Columnist Bill Kaplan writes that Sen. Ron Johnson and Cong. Mark Pocan are at a crossroads. In a WisOpinion posting, Kaplan notes the roles they're playing -- Republican Johnson who opposes raising the national debt and Democrat Pocan on the reconciliation bill. Will Johnson obstruct and will Pocan facilitate?, Kaplan asks.

In a Milwaukee Courier column, Democratic Senate candidate Alex Lasry says that Republicans are trying to force a government shutdown and that's thanks to Wisconsin's Ron Johnson's obstruction. He says that's one of the reasons he's running for the Senate.

M.D. Kittle of the right-wing Empower Wisconsin blog site complains that there's now a new liberal gun show, Democrats coming for your guns again. He insists that gun safety bill recently proposed to expand background checks and create a Wisconsin "red flag" law are attacks on the Second Amendment.

In an Urban Milwaukee column, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Matt Rothschild says the State Supreme Court was wrong to take on the redistricting case. For it to do so, is a violation of precedent, state statutes and federal law, he insists.

Blogger Bill Stokes observes that women have upgraded humankind's relationships with booze. He has accompanied his wife to wineries and notes how civil the drinking there is compared to men in taverns, often pounding on the bar and starting huge arguments about sports or a world development.