Tommy Thompson's lessons for the state are worth learning, says the Eau Claire Leader Telegram. His interim  presidency of the UW System was superb, the paper editorializes, and we can only hope his successor measures up. 

The Racine Journal Times editorializes that FEMA funeral aid needs a revision. The help for funeral costs for those who die of COVID is a welcome help for many families, but the provision should have a needs test so that taxpayer money isn't sent to those who can afford their own costs, the paper maintains.

The Beloit Daily News' Bill Barth writes that the Beloit School District and the city's police department have a good partnership after reviewing the pros and cons of having police officers in the schools. He says the cost of a quarter of a million dollars for the district more than pays for itself because of the needed security.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey says that tennis star Novac Djokovic is an international disappointment. He shows that he isn't serious about combatting COVID and too many people are letting him get by with it.

The right-wing site Empower Wisconsin posts a column from the National Review that contends Democrats are profiting off of the "ridiculous" Jan. 6th show. The column accuses the Democrats of using the anniversary of the Capitol insurrection to raise campaign funds.

The Wisconsin Examiner's Ruth Conniff writes that Sen. Ron Johnson's announcement that he is running for re-election is a mixed blessing for Wisconsin Republicans. It's now settled that they have a candidate, possibly avoiding a nasty primary, but, on the other hand, it's Ron Johnson, she says.