In his weekly column, Steve Walters takes a look at the Nov. 8th election and points out that while Tony Evers and Josh Kaul won their contests, the Democrats still lost ground. There were a number of bright spots for Republicans, Walters contends, and notes that the April Supreme Court election will be a major test for both parties,.

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel video editorial, Greg Marshall and Bill Schulz explain why Wisconsin should offer incentives to film companies. Nearby states are already getting business from Hollywood, they point out, and Wisconsin needs to be getting its fair share.

On the right-wing Empower Wisconsin blogsite, M.D. Kittle notes that the budget surplus nears $6.6  billion and then complains that Gov. Tony Evers is itchy to spend it. The GOP Legislature is putting Evers on notice, he asserts, that the money belongs to the taxpayers not to a bloated government.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Matt Rothschild says we have three things to be thankful for. One is Robin Vos not getting his two-thirds majority in the Assembly, giving Tony Evers the tools to veto GOP. Two is the new legal firm Law Forward to serve as a counter to the right-wing Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty. Third is Civic Media, a progressive radio network that's buying up stations around the state.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy blames the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's investigative columnist Dan Bice for undercutting Wisconsin's Election Commission. He says a recent attack on the commission helps reinforce election lies. 

The right-wing columnist for the online Washington County Daily News fumes that state officials are claiming success in the state's public schools. Owen Robinson insists that the schools are failing and, consequently, should be defunded. Calling it a taste at Thanksgiving, Robinson believes all education in the state should be privatized.