Judge Aaron Rodgers by what he does on the field in deciding who is the MVP, editorializes the Kenosha News.  The paper disagrees with Chicago sportswriter Hub Arkush, who says that Rodgers shouldn't get the award because of his vaccine dishonesty.

In a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign posting, economic justice advocate lusely Flores calls a new Republican bill that would refuse voting privileges to felons who have served their time unless they pay off any fines is nothing more than a modern day poll tax.

On his blog, Dave Cieslewicz proclaims that the schools need to be reopened and Democrats need to distance themselves from the teachers' unions. Siding with the unions, he maintains, is going to cost them votes because parents, who are voters, will rebel against the unions.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy wonders if Gov. Tony Evers' pardons will cost him votes in next November's election. He speculates that the GOP will use the pardons he has given to those who have served their time and changed their lives to launch attack ads against the governor.

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska contends it's time to rip off those face masks. He ridicules Madisonians who wear them while driving alone in their cars. Now, there's evidence that the more contagious omicron strain can help us achieve herd immunity.