The editorial board of the USA Today/Wisconsin newspapers hails Wisconsin's smooth election earlier this month and says it stirs hope for smoother politics in the future. We can hope that the MAGA fever has finally broken, the board declares.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey writes a thank you to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for all she's done in her leadership role. Now that she's stepping down we'll miss her strength and common sense, he writes.

In a Kenosha News column, Carthage College Prof. Arthur Cyr analyzes the meeting of Joe Biden and Xi Jinping last week, explaining how he views its significance and context. He asserts that the history of Far East relations have been largely forgotten today.

On his Wisconsin Unemployment blog, Victor Forberger maintains that Wisconsin unemployment investigators are not true and accurate. He insists the claimant statements they prepare for investigative hearings are always inaccurate and presents a list of examples.

On the MacIver Institute blogsite, right-wing Milwaukee radio talk show host Dan O'Donnell believes the 2022 elections were echoes of 1978. He claims the issues were similar and Republicans who were expected to win those mid-terms big, didn't. But, two years later Ronald Reagan demolished Jimmy Carter, O'Donnell writes, hinting something similar could be the case in 2024. 

State Rep. David Considine, a Baraboo Democrat, writes a column urging Wisconsinites to observe American education week. We must continue to advocate for sustained support of public education in our state, he declares.