The Wisconsin Examiner's Ruth Conniff tries to make sense of the senseless violence in Waukesha. She recounts the experience of State Rep. Sara Rodriguez, who was marching in the parade along with a contingent of county Democrats when the red SUV plowed through.

Journalist Dan Shafer comments that southeast Wisconsin has been through so much these past several months, starting with the mass shooting at the Miller Brewery in February of last year. We have to insist on accountability, because we're obviously not doing enough, he contends.

Right-wing Milwaukee talk radio host Dan O'Donnell puts all the blame on Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm, contending that the district attorney has been an advocate of progressive reforms in dealing with criminals that let's people like the SUV driver back on the streets.

Whether it's in Myanmar or the United States, journalism is vital to a free society, editorializes the Racine Journal Times. Commenting on the release by the government of Myanmar of American journalist Danny Fenster, the paper says it demonstrates that journalism isn't a crime.

Caffeinated Politics blogger Gregory Humphrey says recent exonerations have shown the danger of the death penalty to Black people. He goes through a list of recent cases where Blacks on death row have now been proven to be innocent. 

Today Empower Wisconsin's M.D. Kittle accuses Gov. Tony Evers of letting the state slip in its national road ranking. He quotes from a report by the Reason Foundation that shows Wisconsin slipping four spots to number 26. And he ran on "fix the damn roads" slogan during his campaign, the blogger fumes.

And blogger Bill Stokes comments on the renaming of James Madison Memorial High to Vel Phillips Memoral High by taking a whimsical remembrances of his and his children's high school years.