Dear Editor: If you think the air in southeastern Wisconsin is not a serious health problem because it is not gray, remember that much of what pollutes our air is not visible. Many dangerous pollutants come from several sources, and one of the biggest contributors in our area is the We Energies coal-burning plant in Oak Creek. This plant needs to be closed, and efforts must be made to transfer to clean energy immediately.

Transporting, stacking and burning coal allows fine particles, such as sulfur dioxide, to enter the air and then our lungs. It aggravates people who suffer from asthma, COPD, and other diseases of the lungs. It affects me due to Restrictive Lung Disease. My lungs have stiffened and cannot take in as much air as they used to, so I'm often short of breath and consequently sometimes lack energy. Taking in contaminated air may very well worsen my condition.

One of the fastest growing job creators in Wisconsin is investment in clean energy, which is desperately needed here for those of us who have health problems and for the health of future generations. Think of the children who have asthma and think of adults who suffer with COPD, and the pain they endure. We all need clean air.

If the air quality concerns you, please reach out to We Energies and let them know how urgent this situation is and how much you and your family need clean air.

Shirley Reynolds

Mount Pleasant

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