Dear Editor: As a person who has lived next to a bar/tavern, I empathize with the neighbors experiencing the new freedom allowing bars to offer amplified music outdoors. I also understand the concept of the “social contract” and “taking one for the team” between the tavern and neighbors.

As a neighbor, taking one for the team included: cleaning patrons cigarettes/beer bottles/miscellaneous items from my yard; patrons blocking my driveway and illegally parking on the street; patrons coming on to my property and trampling my flowers and perennials; listening to boisterous patrons throughout the night.

I do not know if bar owners and patrons fully understand or appreciate how much a neighbor takes one for the team. And when it comes to playing amplified music outdoors, it appears some bar owners do not have any respect or empathy for their neighbors or want to uphold their end of the social contract.

Anthony A. Raymond


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