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Dear Editor: Nov. 22 is the 59th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. Hard to believe information about this was revealed on a recent Antiques Roadshow episode on Public Television.

A lady brought in some signed mementos from then Attorney General Robert Kennedy. She had served as one of Robert Kennedy's personal secretaries and accompanied President Kennedy on the fateful Dallas trip. After Kennedy's killing, Air Force One had different people prioritized on the return trip to Washington, so this lady flew in a follow-up plane comprised of incoming President Johnson's staff. She was sickened by what she saw and heard on this flight. There was celebration and praise for the events unfolding. Though there was no love lost between Johnson and Kennedy, this activity went beyond the pale into vile behavior.

A lesson from this is that vile public and political behavior wasn't invented by Donald Trump. It's something that's been around and needs to be eliminated. Dirty political ads and dirt digging of opponents while wallowing in this trash by political activists is still around, sadly.

Bob Hunt


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