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Dear Editor: Dave Zweifel is spot on with regard to the solution to the escalating cost of elections for all political offices ("There's an easier solution than appointing Supreme Court justices," April 19). If we don’t pass an amendment to get the big money out of politics, our democracy will continue to decline. There also have been less-publicized, high-cost local elections in city council and school board races. There will come a time when big money will dominate many township races. This sickness must stop.

Most Americans correctly believe that they are no longer represented — not by Congress, or our courts, or our presidents. Many county boards are trending to decisions completely based on party directives. When our local town boards and school boards are fully polarized, we’ll be only one step from some kind of nondemocratic, dare I say autocratic, governance.

Unfortunately, most editorials, columns, radio talk shows and TV news broadcasts never talk about solutions in the works. Yes, they sometimes offer “possibilities” and “we needs” and “if only” reform ideas — but none of those are active today.

In Wisconsin and across the nation there are grassroots and civic groups that are working to get 34 states to call for a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics. Wisconsin is leading this charge with the most robust effort in the country.

And on the federal level, the We the People Amendment, H.J.R.54, has been reintroduced in Congress. Readers can learn about this important work by clicking here if they are ready to invest in restoring our republic.

George Penn


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