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Dear Editor: Tom Nelson has shown again that he stands above the current frontrunners in the Democratic Primary. They backed the $250 million grant to the Milwaukee Bucks to build the current arena.

I listened to a public radio program during the time that the grant was being considered. John Sharpless said that the state should have proposed investment rather than a grant so that the public could share directly if the Bucks were successful. Joe Wineke, on the same show, agreed.

The grant was the only proposal under consideration. It passed by wide majorities in both the Assembly and Senate. The state AFL-CIO strongly backed it and included it on the legislative scorecard for the year. Locally, only freshman legislator Lisa Subeck voted for the grant. The other representatives of city constituents were absent when the vote was taken. They were present and voted union-backed positions for every other issue that came before them.

Chuck Litweiler


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