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Dear Editor: The Madison Metropolitan School District has a lot of work to do, and it should start with ensuring safety and good education for the students.

Reportedly, a fight occurred outside Madison East High School after someone pulled a fire alarm. Weeks ago, fights broke out outside Madison East High School, involving more than 100 students and parents. Such incidents not only raise concerns about public safety, but also hurt an educational institution’s image.

Furthermore, it was reported that Madison Metropolitan School District students scored below the state average on standardized tests last year. This is very concerning for MMSD students and their parents.

I believe that virtual learning and mask mandates have negatively impacted student performance in Madison’s schools. MMSD should focus on helping students succeed academically and become productive citizens, rather than continuing to enforce intrusive COVID19 rules like the mask mandate.

It is time for MMSD to accept its failures in ensuring a safe environment and good education for the students. And then the school district should work on changing its direction to focus on helping students achieve better scores in a proper and healthy setting.

Tawsif Anam


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