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Dear Editor: Just over two years ago, Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly ratified a constitutional amendment which upholds and enforces crime victims’ rights known as Marsy’s Law. This amendment has been a game-changer for crime victims in Wisconsin.

An impactful piece of Marsy’s Law is that victims receive early notification about the status of offenders. The criminal justice system has a duty to protect victims from enduring further suffering from their abusers, and early notification helps ensure that. It’s crucial that victims know whether their offenders are in jail or back on the streets. This offers a sense of security and allows victims to feel more protected and able to defend themselves and their families from further harm.

Victims should not be relegated to the corner of the courtroom. They should be allowed to be active participants whenever their rights are at stake, and Marsy’s Law guarantees victims the right to be heard at all hearings. When victims can attend hearings, it gives them an opportunity to voice concerns and provide important information to the court.

All voices should be heard throughout the criminal justice process to allow for a fair and just trial, a right that should be upheld for all Americans.

Laura Kaiser


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