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Dear Editor: Submitting fake and false electors is illegal and a breach of the laws of our country. Sen. Ron Johnson, and or some of his staff, tried to submit illegal electors to former Vice President Mike Pence in order to subvert the November election in the state of Wisconsin to help overturn it.

Trump's complete and utter disregard for the law has rubbed off on Johnson and proves that Johnson is under Trump's control. Every voter in Wisconsin is aware of Johnson's voting record. He shows little or no support for a woman's right to choose. He did not show any effort to stand up for "law and order," as evidenced by his lackadaisical attitude in dealing with the insurgency in Washington, D.C. That proves to me that his stand for "law and order" is as phony as Johnson himself. It is very probable that criminal charges could come from the actions during the Trump Administration.

If charges are filled against Trump in the future, the time may come for Johnson to take the "high road" instead of staying in the "low road" that he seems to prefer in his political career. As his record shows, Johnson is unfit to serve as my, or anybody's senator. His failure to stand up and be honest with voters is reason to believe that he should not be returned to office.

S. Michael Shivers


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