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Dear Editor: I see the Republicans are trying to blame Mandela Barnes for every crime ever committed in the history of Wisconsin. He’s not the one who came running every time the NRA wanted something. Crime has gotten worse since concealed carry and assault rifles were made legal. That wasn’t Barnes’ fault.

You’re bound to have more crime and accidental shootings when the “pro-life” party wants 50 to 100 guns in every household. Children are going to get their hands on one at times, and thinking they're toys, kill somebody with them, or take one to school and kill many. Barnes isn’t responsible for that. He’s not responsible for loose cannon adults who come unglued because there’s no access to mental health services, either.

The labor shortage could in part be due to deaths from gun violence and COVID. Republicans might have found it necessary to overturn Roe v. Wade to get the population numbers back up. It’s going to be at least eight years until the effects of getting child labor laws relaxed and putting them all to work would reach fruition.

Ron Johnson and Tim Michels would be all for that.

Dan Duffy


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