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Dear Editor: It seems ironic that Ukrainians are sacrificing their lives to defend their democracy, while in America we have a Republican Party that is doing everything it can to destroy democracy.

America’s political system has been the example that many countries have tried to imitate. I wonder what they think when they see one of our political parties attempting to limit the right to vote, gerrymandering to stay in power, and not listening to what their constituents want.

As a recovering Republican, I realize my old party has become a party of “NO.” They have no policies to deal with America’s issues. They are so negative they block legislation that would help their constituents. America has problems with inflation, the environment, crime, immigration and inequity. I am a conservative when it comes to some of these issues, but I realize Americans can fix these problems over time. However, we could never regain a lost democracy.

I hope moderate Republicans and independents will put keeping our democracy intact above all other issues when they vote. The only way to do this is to vote for Democratic candidates this November and in 2024.

Wayne Bruno


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