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Dear Editor: Issues are coming to a head all across the country, and they all feature one common thread: polarization clouding the minds of the people.

These arguments about mask and vaccine mandates, social justice, the teaching of CRT in schools, immigration laws, along with countless others, don't always seem to truly be about the topics at hand, but rather opposing the other "side" of the argument. Due to the rampantly growing polarization, mainly aided by intentionally designed social media algorithms and the ease at which people are able to spread misinformation and lies, political and social issues that affect peoples lives have been diminished into no more than a win over one's opponent rather than a win for the betterment of the people.

We rely on a healthy amount of disagreement to fuel our legislative process, but we are far past the measure of "healthy disagreement." We find ourselves at a point in time where things so needed as climate action, where science is quite clear on its necessity, is argued over heavily in Congress because Democrats are majorly in support of it — so Republicans, of course, cannot be.

Though I know there are reasons besides that, money in fossil fuels and such, I believe my point still stands. I fear, as many others do, that if allowed, this extreme polarization will continue to erode our governmental process until we are left with nothing more than two camps of people who seek only to argue endlessly.

Maddalen Armstrong

Verona High School student

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