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Dear Editor: National "progressives" Elizabeth Warren and AOC have anointed Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes as the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. They represent states on the East Coast, which gives them a peculiar expertise on who should represent us. Peculiar, that is, in its know-nothingness about Wisconsin.

We have yet to choose the Democratic nominee for Senate, so it might be worthwhile to look at the choices from a Wisconsin perspective. I find the men running to be pretty hollow candidates, routine, tepid, measured and paid consultant driven. Barnes has the vulnerability of having lied about his education on his website. Alex Lasry touts his record of paying a $15 minimum wage when he built the Fiserv Forum. Hmm. What happened to union scale? Tom Nelson has pretty good stances on issues, but he is a lackluster candidate and has taken cheap shots at the one female candidate, Sarah Godlewski.

I favor Godlewski, but not by much. She has a personality, is an effective campaigner and has a stronger stance on abortion than any of her male opponents. Also, she is from Eau Claire, giving her an edge in the state beyond Dane and Milwaukee counties. Like the others, though, she only attacks Ron Johnson superficially, without any criticism or analysis of why the Republican Party is so bad for Wisconsin.

Democrats have this weakness, and they run for office from weakness. If they can’t project strength and belief in something, then they deserve to lose. We lose too.

John Hamilton


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