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Dear Editor: Two bills pending in Congress urgently need passage in order to guarantee free and fair elections and representative government.

Many states have recently passed laws making it harder to vote, including restrictions on early voting, mail-in voting and voter registration drives. While making it harder to vote affects all voters, these laws have been shown to disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minorities.

The Freedom to Vote Act together with the Voting Rights Amendment Act set national standards for early voting, mail-in voting and voter registration and provide legal mechanisms for protecting voters’ rights. These bills also include provisions for increasing transparency in campaign funding and ensuring that legislative districting maps are fairly drawn. Polling shows that voters overwhelmingly support this legislation.

Government should represent the will of the people. Restrictions on voting and gerrymandered districting maps stack the cards in favor of the party in power. They suppress the will of the people and are fundamentally undemocratic.

Let your voice be heard. Call your senator today and urge passage of the Freedom to Vote Act and the Voting Rights Amendment Act.

Lynn Armentrout

Lake Mills

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