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Dear Editor: Our government is drawing a line in America quite literally. The constant back-and-forth between Republicans and Democrats is threatening one of the many things that we still brag about: our democracy. The United States is at a point where polarization is making compromise on any issue virtually impossible.

I for one am sick of the antagonistic political culture we have cultivated here. We have normalized the alienation of those who don’t subscribe to our political views so much that we can’t even have normal conversations without devolving into a shouting match. We can look to our government officials, who have in recent years caused many government shutdowns over issues that could be solved with simple listening from both sides. Let’s not forget gerrymandering, an issue that we are well versed in here in Wisconsin, the finagling of the system to benefit one party over another. That’s not democracy, that’s exploiting the American people for the gain of power.

We can’t even process American tragedies without one party trying to gain power. With the first stories about Waukesha trying to give remembrance to the victims, there were claims that the perpetrator was fueled by the influence from one party. We’ve become numb, not even batting an eye anymore. We overlook these disasters to instead use them as a gotcha moment for the opposition.

How far can we go? There is no side that doesn’t look stupid at this point.

Toju Blagogee


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