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Dear Editor: The candidates vying for the Democratic Party nomination to face Sen. Ron Johnson in 2022 are all educated, experienced and talented people who have good ideas. Which candidate wins the Democratic nomination in the primary doesn’t matter if that person doesn’t have a winning strategy for the general election campaign. Alex Lasry stands out to me because he has proven to be a visionary leader who can draw people together and inspire them to achieve common goals.

After working at the White House during the Obama administration, Lasry moved to Wisconsin to help lead the Milwaukee Bucks organization. As senior vice president of the franchise, he led the Fiserv Forum and Deer District development projects. Lasry recognized that the team had a responsibility to create living-wage jobs and to be inclusive in the hiring process to make sure that people who have historically been left out and left behind got a chance to do good work and make good money doing it.

Lasry proved that it is possible for companies to be good corporate citizens and profitable entities at the same time. The Bucks benefited from the public/private partnership, but so did construction material suppliers, contractors, workers and everyone else in Milwaukee, which is how it should be.

In 2019, Milwaukee was named the site of the 2020 Democratic National Convention because Lasry once again brought people together in pursuit of a mutually beneficial goal.

During his Senate campaign, Lasry has shared his ideas about how to improve the lives of everyone in Wisconsin.

In August 2022 I will be voting for Lasry because I believe that he can unite Democrats in order to beat Johnson and lead all Wisconsinites toward a better tomorrow.

Jarrett Brown

Green Bay

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