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PHOTOS: Pete Souza launches new book tour in Madison

PHOTOS: Pete Souza launches new book tour in Madison

Pete Souza, former White House photographer for presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, launched his new book tour at the Orpheum Theater in Madison Tuesday night. Cap Times photo director, Ruthie Hauge, moderated the packed event at the historic State Street theater.

Souza's new book, "The West Wing and Beyond: What I saw Inside the Presidency" gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at President Obama's presidency with intriguing photographs and details only a White House staff member would know. Souza, a Madison resident, will continue onto eight cities across the United States to present his photographs and autograph copies of the new book.

Pete Souza Live 092722 33-09292022213220

During the soundcheck Pete Souza stands in an aisle to check the focus and contrast of his projected photograph of President Barack Obama.

Pete Souza Live 092722 01-09292022164418

Cap Times photo director Ruthie Hauge introduces Souza to the stage. In her introduction, Hauge said, "With a uniquely high level of access to the president, Souza captured the balance of humanity and power. In doing so, he has forever set the bar higher for future White House photographers." 

Pete Souza Live 092722 02-09292022164418

Pete Souza talks about a photograph he made of President Ronald Reagan kissing his wife, Nancy, after she underwent breast cancer surgery.

Pete Souza Live 092722 03-09292022164806

Pete Souza shows a photograph of the record-breaking crowd at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration in Washington D.C.

Pete Souza Live 092722 04-09292022164418

Pete Souza talks about an emotionally intense photograph he made of President Barack Obama early in his first term.

Pete Souza Live 092722 05-09292022164418

Pete Souza gives background information while showing a 2017 photo of President Barack Obama's aides checking all of the drawers and cabinets on his last day in the Oval Office before the transition of power to President Donald Trump.

Pete Souza Live 092722 06-09292022164418

Pete Souza shows his photograph of President Barack Obama visiting Madison during his presidency.

Pete Souza Live 092722 13-09292022164418

Ruthie Hauge and Pete Souza laugh as Souza answers a question from an audience member.

Pete Souza Live 092722 09-09292022164418

Pete Souza smiles as he looks out on the audience members and answers their questions.

Pete Souza Live 092722 14-09292022164418

Pete Souza answers a question about how he copes with some of the traumatic situations photojournalists encounter on the job.

Pete Souza Live 092722 10-09292022164418

Ruthie Hauge asks Pete Souza if he achieved his goal of creating the best archive of a presidency in history while working as the chief official White House photographer for President Barack Obama.

Pete Souza Live 092722 15-09292022164418

Madison area photographer Ilana Bar-Av asks Pete Souza a question about writing captions.

Pete Souza Live 092722 12-09292022164418

Ruthie Hauge interviews Pete Souza onstage at the Orpheum Theater.

Pete Souza Live 092722 16-09292022164418

Pete Souza jokes about wearing a winter coat in September after being asked by Ruthie Hauge why he chose to live in Madison.

Pete Souza Live 092722 17-09292022164418

Kasia Janus hands a newspaper clipping to photojournalist Pete Souza during the question and answer portion of his presentation. Janus’ father, aunt and uncle were killed in 1982 after unknowingly taking tainted Tylenol, and Souza photographed the funeral while working for the Chicago Sun-Times. Janus was 4 years old at that time.

Pete Souza Live 092722 18-09292022164418

Kasia Janus cries as Pete Souza discusses the 1983 event in which seven people were killed when bottles of Tylenol were injected with cyanide.

Pete Souza Live 092722 19-09292022164806

Pete Souza hugs Cap Times photo director Ruthie Hauge after she moderated the first date on his "The West Wing and Beyond: What I saw Inside the Presidency" book tour.

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