Kids Fund logo Dec 2019

The Kids Fund directs grants to a variety of Dane County nonprofits that address the challenges facing young people in our communities.

Among those grants are several that help developmentally disabled children who need an extra boost so that they can enjoy the activities and opportunities that other kids do.

During the past year, Kids Fund grants went to programs that provide summer camperships, skating programs, riding lessons and a variety of after-school programs. Arts for All, for example, received a grant to help hundreds of young people with disabilities create art and take poetry lessons. The Children's Dyslexia Center received a grant to bring children's reading up to grade level. Gigi's Playhouse was awarded funds for a speech and language program for 50 children with Down syndrome.

All of this is made possible by the donations that readers of The Capital Times make during the fund's annual drive, which is currently underway and will last until the end of the year.

Donors may send contributions of any amount to The Kids Fund, c/o The Capital Times, PO Box 8060, Madison WI 53708. Or they can go to and contribute by clicking the "donate" button on the home page and then using either PayPal or a credit card.

All donors, unless they request anonymity, are recognized in The Capital Times' Wednesday print edition as well as online.

Following is a list of recent donors:

Jacqui Swanson, Cross Plains: $50

Brad and Kerra Guffey, Verona: $100

Lenore and Sarah Rowe, McFarland: $30

Judy Colletti, Madison: $50

Perry Offerdahl, McFarland: $10

Mary Cochems, Fitchburg: $100

Mary and O.L. Bell, Madison: $200

Gary and Judy Larkin, Portage: $100

Gerald Thain, Madison: $50

Sandra and Chris Queram, Stoughton: $225

Jane Hallingstad, Sun Prairie: $25

Linda and Charles Gorchels, Fitchburg: $25

Tom and Mary Martin, Madison: $25

David Doyle, Madison: $50

Michael Helser, Madison: $300

Steve Morton, Madison: $1,000

Thomas and Pamela Wick, Mazomanie: $50

David Lucey, Cross Plains: $100

Paul Nesson, McFarland: $50

Laura Hemming, Madison: $20

Patricia Offer, Cottage Grove: $50

Mark and Sarah Sundquist, Madison: $150

Nancy Sugden and Robert Newbery, Madison: $100

Fred Lee and Marjorie Dimaggio: $250

Ken and Kendra Deprey, Madison: $100

Colleen McCabe, Madison: $50

Chris Murphy and Amy Rountree, Madison: $250

Herman and Una Torosian, Madison: $50

Jeffrey Lange and Dolly Marsh, Madison: $150

Rosemary Sutter, Mount Horeb: $50

Jim and Sue Morrison, Madison: $25

Erik and Patricia Popp, Madison: $20

Carole and Jim Peterson, Madison: $50

James and Anita Treinen, DeForest: $100

Leonard and Nancy Acker in honor of our granddaughter Alyssa Acker, Cross Plains: $25

Judith and Harvey Sokolow, Madison: $25

Beverly Richgels, Madison: $30

Val and Nancy Thomas, Deerfield: $25

Margaret Fose, Sun Prairie: $25

Dana Corbett, Madison: $300

Gregory Wagner, Madison: $50

Mary Rowley, Madison: $40

John Mullen, Prairie Du Sac: $15

Peggy Kiss, Stoughton: $5

Shelley Moffatt, Stoughton: $1,000

Henri and Kathleen Dutilly, Stoughton: $50

Daniel Lickel and Jill Jokela, Madison: $50

Natalie Yelinek, Madison: $25

Jean Hoffmann, Madison: $100

Joan Lerman, Madison: $100

Martha Hollis, McFarland: $50

Jim and Jill Krogstad, Fitchburg: $400

Bill and Betsy Tishler, Fitchburg: $100

Widder Family, Madison: $100

Dick and Kay Endres, Waunakee: $50

Patricia Giesfeldt, Cottage Grove: $50

Dick and Judy Ela, Madison: $25

James Cleasby, Cottage Grove: $50

Kay Dricken in memory of Adrian C.V. Pope and Lil Pope, West Bend: $50

Jane Eisner, Madison: $450

Glo and Bill Theisen, Madison: $100

Arlys and Lee Kempf, Fitchburg: $100

Amy Johnson, Fitchburg: $50

Willis and Bonnie Tompkins, Madison: $100

Marvin Levy, Madison: $1,000

Nick and Judy Topitzes, Madison: $150

George and Alice Cunningham, Madison: $100

Luise Beringer, Middleton: $25

Gary Bakken, Madison: $25

Patrick and Patricia Farrell, Madison: $100

Sharla Hanson, Madison: $25

Diane Sauer, Madison: $20

Roger and Karen Nacker, Madison: $100

Jacob Stockinger, Madison: $25

Jay and Denise Farnsworth, Waunakee: $20

Donald and Shirley Wallace, Madison: $25

Bob and Nan Schaefer, Madison: $30

Gary Poulson and Sue Wagner, Madison: $25

Cook Family, Fitchburg: $100

Tina Neupert, Madison: $50

Dorothy Goldsworthy, Madison: $30

Richard Linton, Madison: $50

Jennie and Carol Knechtges, Madison: $25

James and Sharon Olle, Madison: $50

Jeffrey Richgels, Oregon: $25

Marion Gjertson, Stoughton: $10

Don and Donna Schneider, Stoughton: $50

Barbara Lonnborg, Verona: $75

Richard Lust, Verona: $200

Michael Nelson, Oregon: $50

Chuck Stonecipher, Monona: $50

Gerard and Laura Leopold-Pehler, Oregon: $50

James Herman, Oregon: $25

Kathleen Herman, Oregon: $25

Jeff Levy, Madison: $750

Edward Grzenia, Madison: $25

Lidia Berghammer, Madison: $15

Marianne Hauser, Lake Mills: $30

John Straughn, Madison: $75

Richard and Rita Paulson, Madison: $25

Judy and Mark Meyers, Madison: $50

Todd and Ann Kiefer, Madison: $500

Bob Buhk, Sheboygan Falls: $100

Virginia O'Brien, Fitchburg: $400

June Quesnell, Cottage Grove: $100

Ed and Kathy O'Connor, Belleville: $75

Logan Jackson and Landon Latsch, Verona: $20

Robert Chiesa, Madison: $55.87

Brian Clark, Madison: $20

Esther Olson and Weston Severson, Belleville: $100

Linda Candlin, Madison: $150

Lehmann Family, Oregon: $50

Robin Taylor, Madison: $50

Jean Lind, Madison: $25

Barbara Pomarnke, Madison: $20

Jim and Mary Ann Mahaffey, Madison: $30

Butch Paddock, Black Earth: $100

Roger and Zachary Gilles, Madison: $50

Russell and Suzanne Gardner, Madison: $10

Tony and Julie Bretl, Sun Prairie: $100

Beverly Duncan, Madison: $25

Patricia Easland, Cottage Grove: $25

The Kleists, Madison: $20

Sue Meffert, Marshall: $25

Lauren and Joe Herr, Verona: $25

Jerry Lovick, Stoughton: $20

Sarah Lewis, Madison: $25

Alice and Jay Punwar, Madison: $50

Michael and Christine Labinski, Madison: $25

Barbara and Franklin Killary, Madison: $15

John and Sandra Englesby, Madison: $200

Daniel and Gail Shea, Middleton: $50

Charlotte Woolf, Madison: $50

Douglas and Janet Laube, Madison: $50

J and M Friend, Madison: $25

Kimberly Turner, Madison: $100

J.B. and Nancy Chung, Sun Prairie: $100

Christine Lynch, Madison: $30

Jane Coleman, Madison: $200

Anonymous: $400

Gary Ferron, Cottage Grove: $200

Mary Ann Simon, Monona: $25

Judy Ferguson, Madison: $100

Abigail Loomis and Franklin Court, Monona: $50

Running total: $59,764.87