Leotha Stanley, at The Capital Times studio in Madison, on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. Photo by Michelle Stocker

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I have a concert every year called Gospel Carols. I take regular Christmas carols and kind of tweak them to gospel style. The audience has grown over the last few years; there were over 1,000 people there last year: white, black, Hispanic, Jewish, religious and nonreligious — just a potpourri of music enthusiasts. I'm thinking that maybe I should have a series of concerts throughout the year to have this group of people show up, to keep doing music that can affect change in people's lives. 

What I like to instill at concerts is not only the musicality and the fun of what goes on. I like to instill hope, love, peace, happiness and joy. This season just exudes a warmth and inviting atmosphere. Just because of the holiday season, people's mindsets change. People are in that giving mode, a relaxed mode, more compassionate. There's a coming together of people from different walks of life.

Why can't we have this type of seasonal change of thought and heart throughout the year? What makes this last month so different, just because we get time off and there's a tree in our house? We're the same people after January 1st. So why can't we be the same as we were before January 1st?

—As told to Natalie Yahr