Abigail Becker joined The Capital Times in 2016, where she primarily covers city and county government. She previously worked for the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and the Wisconsin State Journal.

Madsplainers RIVER

Most weeks on the weekly Madsplainers podcast feature "On the Cover," podcast producer Natalie Yahr gets the scoop from the reporters behind our latest cover stories, but this week, the tables turn as Madsplainers co-host Abigail Becker asks Natalie about her cover story.

Earlier this summer, an incident in Monona made headlines when a neighbor called police on a Black man for being “suspicious,” when, as he explained at gunpoint, in handcuffs, he had permission to be in the house. Incidents like these are unfortunately all too common. 

With police killings in the news this summer, much attention has been focused on reforming police departments and changing police officers’ attitudes, and with less attention paid to the role individuals and their biases play in calling the police.

This week on the podcast, Natalie explains the pervasive phenomenon called “profiling by proxy” and how police officers and neighborhoods in Madison are dealing with it. 


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