Adam Haen knife sharpening close-up

Knife connoisseur Adam Haen demonstrates how to sharpen knives using a tri-stone during the Corner Table podcast recording.

Thanks to summer vacations, we're repurposing an entertaining and educational episode from the archives that doubles as a kitchen safety public service announcement for you, our dear listeners.

Adam Haen sharpening knives

Adam Haen, kitchen manager at Rockhound Brewing Company, demonstrates knife sharpening techniques with his tri-stone in the Cap Times podcast studio.

Before the pandemic changed things, we hosted Rockhound Brewing Company kitchen manager Adam Haen in our little podcasting studio. He shared some great stories about how not to handle your knives and offered some very pointed reasons to keep them sharp. 

Has your kitchen been getting quite the workout these past few months? Maybe now’s the time to sharpen your knives and in the process take out that pent-up quarantine-related frustration on the edge of a blade.

As the saying goes, the sharper your knife, the less you cry. Give a listen! 

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