This week, DarkHorse at 10 N. Livingston St. will become another location of Salvatore's Tomato Pies. Jed Spink, John Jerabek and Patrick DePula own the restaurant, which opened in February with interior design by Art & Sons.

The menu will add a longer list of 10-inch pizzas. It will retain the global influences and big flavors drawn in part from Spink's years of cooking at the sushi restaurant RED.

“Sometimes simple is better. That’s just not the way I like to cook," Spink said. "I want you to leave, like, ‘Whoa. That was a lot going on, but it worked and I liked it.’”

Salvatore's on Livingston Street has opened its dining room to 50% capacity under the Forward Dane plan. It accepts reservations indoors and on its patio.