Christian Albouras (copy)

Christian Albouras 

It is my honor to seek reelection for District 20 alder on the Madison Common Council. I have and will continue to fight alongside of you for our priorities in District 20 for the next two years. The health, well-being, quality of life and overall safety of our district are important to me.

My family and I are proud residents of the Meadowood neighborhood in District 20, where my wife’s family has roots going back decades. Our daughter, Nathalia, attends Huegel Elementary within District 20, where she is a fifth grader. Growing up in the district, my wife, Miriah Albouras, also attended Huegel Elementary School, where she still gets to see teachers that molded her learning experience growing up.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law moved into District 20 in the 1980s, where they were the first family to build their own home in a cul-de-sac and were able to raise their two children. They still live in their home, so we are fortunate to have our parents live within minutes of our home to keep those strong family ties.

District 20 is so much more than an aldermanic district. This district is home to my family and extended family, and I am committed to ensuring that it is a safe, thriving area for all residents. The quality of life for all District 20 residents is my priority.

Unfortunately, our city has been grappling with the impacts of violence. I will continue to bring a broad range of constituents and partners, including our most vulnerable populations and the police department, to the table to ensure many perspectives are heard as we tackle these difficult issues.

I supported the 2021 city budget that instituted a new Violence Prevention Unit in Public Health Madison & Dane County and significantly increased our investment of resources in a public health and community-based approach to violence prevention. It is also important that we make the necessary investment of resources in police/fire services to ensure the safety of our community and rapid response when critical incidents arise. Lastly, a holistic response to safety requires our community to address underlying factors that fuel crime and violence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also affected the lives of everyone in some way. Unfortunately, it has disproportionately affected our most vulnerable populations, especially our communities of color. It is important to ensure that there are local health orders in place to protect the public and lower transmission. I am committed to taking necessary actions (supporting vaccination rollout efforts, aggressively address housing insecurity, etc.) to promote public health, help our community bounce back from the pandemic, and instill a sense of normalcy.

Over the last two years, there are several things that I have been able to accomplish while in office. Here a few that I would like to share:

• Shared the safety concerns of parents and advocated for the placement of speed humps in front of Huegel Elementary School

• The institution of the Civilian Oversight Board

• The creation of the Independent Police Monitor

• Advocated for the installment of the Prairie Road and Raymond Road stop light in the 2020 budget

• Expanded capacity for violence prevention/public safety

• Brought first alternative crisis response team to our city

• In response to COVID-19, supported our economy with the Small Business and Equity Recovery Program (SBER)

If reelected, my priorities for the next two years will include the following:

• COVID-19 and economic recovery initiatives

• Public safety and violence prevention

• Housing insecurity

• City services and traffic safety

• Child, youth and family programming

During my tenure as alder, I worked to develop relationships with a broad range of constituencies in District 20. I wanted to hear directly from and engage my constituents. As such, I hosted several community meetings around key issues: public safety, traffic safety, access to resources during COVID-19 and housing.

If reelected, I will continue to ensure vulnerable voices are at the table, collaborate with local service providers, partner with local leaders, host community meetings, engage local neighborhood associations and use multiple forms of communication to stay connected and accessible as your alder.

It would be an honor and privilege to serve and represent the residents of District 20 for another term on the Madison Common Council.

Christian Albouras represents Madison's 20th City Council district. He is running for reelection.